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About the Theatre

The Authorial Theatre «U Mosta», founded in 1988 by Sergei Fedotov, literally burst the theatrical situation of the city of Perm with bright, non-standard performances. Initially the theatre got its name due to the close location to the Bridge of the Kama river. Gradually the mysterious word-combination «Theatre «U Mosta» (at the bridge) became a brand, expressing the theatre’s artistic concept. Fedotov’s productions are, in point of fact, a bridge between the real and the supernatural, the usual and the mystical, the conscious and subconscious. 

The exclusivity of the artistic method of the Theater «U Mosta» is that it aims to develop the traditions of great Russian psychological theater that are enriched by the discoveries of Mikhail Chekhov's and Jerzy Grotowski's schools. They are both systems aimed at the development of the actor’s psychophysics, as well as the ability to work with the inner energy and subconscious.

It is no coincidence that for the expression of its own aesthetics the Theatre has come up with the slogan: «U Mosta» - Mystic Theatre, where everything is real, and the Theatre is Real, where everything is Mysticism.

Mysticism, in this case, becomes a metaphor for the artistic method, which aims to find ways of expressing the deep, unseen, related to the human subconscious, on the stage.

The mystical world in the Theatre «U Mosta» is largely created due to the specific preferences in literature. The main range of authors is, in various respects, linked to mysticism (N. Gogol, M. Bulgakov, F. Dostoevsky, W Shakespeare, B. Stoker). And the main thing is that the theatre doesn’t limit itself to staging just one play by a certain author, thus creating trilogies and even cycles. Such kind of approach gives a possibility of thorough research and getting to the very essence of the author’s world, his unique logic with all its paradoxes and riddles

Theatre «U Mosta» has brought a famous Irish playwright Martin McDonagh to the Russian audience. The performance «The Lonesome West» was presented among the best performances of Russia at the «Golden Mask»-2008 festival in Moscow. In 2010 the Theatre won the «Golden Mask» National Theatre award for its performance «The Cripple of Inishmaan». Anatoliy Smelyanski (Chairman of the Jury, Rector of A.P. Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre School, professor) while handing the Special Jury Award to Sergei Fedotov noticed that he was holding a really special prize: «The first Special Jury Award goes to Perm Theatre «U Mosta», which was founded and has been leading by Sergei Fedotov for 22 years. This is a theatre with a stunning repertoire, a theatre, in which Russian and world classics have been staging for over two decades, a theatre with the most complex plays of the world repertoire. «U Mosta» presents not only the repertoire but the excellent actors as well. This Theatre is an Artistic Phenomenon, it is some kind of a Lighthouse and support for the Russian psychological theatre». 

Theatre «U Mosta» is a three times Nominee and the Winner of the «Golden Mask» National Theatre Award, the winner of Grand-Prix at International Theatre Forum «Zolotoy Vityaz»-2014, the winner of 40 Grand-Prix of foreign festivals, the Champion of the Theatre Olympics in India, the participant of 164 International Festivals.  According to the Forbes rating Theatre «U Mosta» is one of the Russia’s top ten theatres and the Second International Martin McDonagh Festival is in TOP-5 of theatrical events in October, 2016. «U Mosta» was ranked 4th best theatre in Russia by Yell.ru portal. The theatre has toured India, Egypt, Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Georgia, Ireland as well as many cities of Russia and nearby countries: Moscow, Sochi, Kuznetsk, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Riga, Tallinn, Prague, Hradec Kralove, Kiev, Nikolaev, Sevastopol, Lviv, Nalchik, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Chelyabinsk and many others.

Theatre «U Mosta» has been on a tour of the European capitals for five times: Belgrade-Berlin-Prague; Berlin-Vienna-Prague-Bratislava-Budapest; Bucharest-Vienna-Ljubljana-Belgrade; Podgorica-Belgrade-Ljubljana and Prague-Berlin-Bratislava.